Hello!  We're Sunshine and Tara and we're so glad you stopped by.  

About us:

In a nutshell, Tara's the one with the AIP and Sunshine is the head chef and chief caregiver.  Outside of the kitchen, we run an oddities business and travel around the country selling our wares. This might not seem important as far as our diet is concerned, but traveling and our work schedule greatly impacts both what we have access to and how we can prepare our meals.

About our diet:

Not only do we have to worry about our travel schedules, but planning our meals is a delicate dance around both of our allergies, intolerances, porphyric triggers, and sensitivities.  Additionally, we're becoming more and more concerned about the quality of the food we put into our bodies.  As such, we eat mostly vegetarian and sometimes vegan; however, we are not strict about it (we're what you might call flexitarians, but we prefer not to put a label on it). We focus on a balanced diet that skews heavier on the carbs, due to the high carb requirements of Porphyria. Lately, we've been trying to eat higher quality carbs regularly, while saving the simple, easy-to-digest carbs for attacks. Sunshine's challenge is to do this creatively - there are only so many potato, pasta, and rice dishes one can eat without getting bored!  

We occasionally post recipes that aren't as trigger-friendly as they could be.  Please understand that we're only human and don't eat perfectly all the time.  Sunshine tries to be creative and include alternatives to help make those recipes more Porphyria-friendly.  Including these recipes is important to us because we like to be open and honest about what we eat, even if it's not perfect.  Plus, it allows us to share those tasty recipes!   
About the blog title:

The title of this blog is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the supposed notion that Porphyria explains the origin of vampires, due to certain perceived similarites.  Many Porphyriacs, Tara included, are sensitive to the stigma associated with a connection to vampires (and werewolves, too).  However, after much discussion, we decided to go with "The Culinary Vampire" as the title due to its originality.  We try not to take ourselves seriously around here, and the title is a perfect example of that.    

About comments and feedback:

We encourage questions, comments, or calls for clarification about the recipes and other topics we post here on The Culinary vampire.  Do please keep it clean, though.  Tips or user feedback is always appreciated and welcomed. However, rude comments and just plain nastiness are not and will be deleted.
About our disclosure policy:

Not only is this a recipe blog, but it is a blog intent on making life easier, or at least as easy as possible, while living with Porphyria.  If we come across a product, be it edible or not, that we like or think will help with that, then we'll be sure to share. And if we got it for free, we'll be sure to let you know. 

About product pitches:

We are open to writing product reviews and hosting giveaways if they are applicable to the The Culinary Vampire and it's readership.  A positive review is not guaranteed.  We are also entertaining sponsors for the blog.  Before sending any inquiries, please read a few posts and familiarize yourself with the dietary restrictions of folks living with Porphyria to ensure that your company is a good fit. If you have any questions or think your company would be a good fit, please email us.     

About media mentions:

Thanks again for stopping by and we hope to see you soon!

(Updated September 2, 2016)
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