Monday, May 3

A Vampire's Kitchen and a little info about us

Hello!  We're Sunshine and Tara and we're so glad you stopped by.  

About us:
In a nutshell, Tara's the one with the AIP and Sunshine is the head chef and chief caregiver.  We are, of course, sooooo much more than that. For example, Tara has a burgeoning craft jewelery business (link to come) and coaches a women's softball team; Sunshine is a bellydancer and a science-nerd.

About our diet:
Planning our meals is a delicate dance around both of our allergies, intolerances, porphyric triggers, and sensitivities.  Additionally, we're somewhat environmentally conscious and try not to eat too much mass produced animal products.  As such, we eat mostly vegetarian and sometimes vegan; however, we are not strict about it (we're what you might call flexitarians, but we prefer not to put a label on it). We focus on a low-protein, high-carb diet due to the high carb requirements of Porphyria; Sunshine's challenge is to due this creatively - there are only so many potato, pasta, and rice dishes one can eat without getting bored!

About the blog title:
The title of this blog is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the supposed notion that Porphyria explains the origin of vampires, due to certain perceived similarites.  Many Porphyriacs, Tara included, are sensitive to the stigma associated with a connection to vampires (and werewolves, too).  However, after much discussion, we decided to go with "The Culinary Vampire" as the title due to its originality.  We try not to take ourselves seriously around here, and the title is a perfect example of that.    

Thanks again for stopping by and we hope to see you soon!

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