Tuesday, April 3

Tips for increasing carbohydrates: New series

I'm starting a new series this week on tips for increasing carbohydrates (carbs).

I know one of the things we struggle with is how to keep Tara's carb level within the recommended 300g per day range. We do this by increasing the amount of carbs in a particular meal or snack and by adding in carbs throughout the day with something other than a meal or a snack.

The easiest way for Tara to "sneak" in carbs is to take them in through liquids. (This is, of course, also the easiest way to sneak in and increase your overall calorie intake, but that's a post for another time.) There are times when Tara doesn't feel good, but just can't or won't eat.  It's a lot easier for her to drink something than to try and eat.

Gatorade is Tara's number one choice for liquid carbs. Tara normally drinks at least 2 quarts of extra strength Gatorade a day; she will increase that to 3 quarts during an attack or when she's not feeling so hot.  Fruit punch is the only flavor that she likes.  She prefers the powder over the already made liquid because she is able to control the strength and there are less ingredients.  It's sold in most grocery stores, although we have been having some trouble finding the fruit punch flavor lately. It can be purchased online through places like Amazon (click on photo above).

Unfortunately, Tara's acid reflux has been acting up lately so she hasn't been able to get her full quota.  She might drink 1 quart of watered down mix.  It is because of this, in part, that she's been feeling worse than ever.  There has definitely been a noticeable decrease in her overall health since she reduced the amount of Gatorade she's been drinking.  She said the best she ever felt was when she was consistently drinking 1/2 gallon of fruit punch Gatorade per day.  We've been looking into other alternatives but haven't found anything that is nearly as effective.

What do you do to increase you carb intake level throughout the day?

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