Monday, July 26

Avocado on toast

I go through phases where I get stuck on eating the same thing for lunch over and over.  For  a while, it was fruit smoothies and then it was Moroccan harissa hummus and pita chips.  Lately, though, I've been alternately enamored with homemade popcorn and these slices of bread slathered with avocado.

I'd read about it in some other blog and at first, I thought it was too simple and couldn't possibly taste good.  Well, recently, I was at home for lunch (one of the perks of living 5 minutes away from the job) and I had no idea what to eat.  There was some leftover artisinal olive oil bread (not sure of the brand, but you can find them locally in Winn Dixie and the deli section of the Big Blue Devil), picked up at the grocery store while Tara and I were driving home from the Keys.  Also, I had a Hass avocado, purchased on a whim, sitting in the fridge.  So, I smashed some avocado on lightly toasted slices of the bread, cracked a little salt and pepper on top, took one bite and wondered where in the hell that treat had been all of my life.  Seriously, it is ridiculously good!

I have to add, of course, that Tara is not so fond of this combo, but I've decided she must be crazy; there's no other explanation.  This stuff is so good that I even attempted to make a loaf of olive oil bread at home; I was mildly successful.  I will definitely try again.

I hate to even call this a recipe...

Avocado on Toast

I have tried this on other types of bread, so you'll do fine if you don't have the olive oil bread.  Just be sure it's not too dainty because you don't want it to collapse under the weight of all that avocado goodness.

  •  4 slices of bread
  • 1 Hass avocado


Toast the slices of bread.  While they are toasting, prep the avocado.  (I know this is pretty straight forward for a lot of people, but, for those not in the know, it can be a bit difficult.)  Slice the avocado lengthwise down the middle.  Twist one half against the other and pull apart.  Take your knife and smack the blade onto the pit; the knife should now be stuck in the pit.  Twist the knife and the pit will come free.  Using a spoon, loosen the flesh by scraping along the edge of the skin - be careful not to cut too much into the flesh.  You should be able to separate the flesh from the skin cleanly.  After that, slice each half of the avocado into about 5 slices.

Once the bread is done to your liking, spread a slice of the avocado onto each slice of toast.  I find about one slice of avocado is perfect for smashing on the toast.  I don't like it too thick, but your preferences may vary, of course, so adjust this as you need to.  

Sprinkle the toast slices and any remaining avocado liberally with salt (we use a Himalayan sea salt, but if you're using table salt, be careful not to put too much on).  Crack a generous amount of pepper on the slices, but not the leftover avocado (personal preference, here).  

Revel in the yumminess!


  1. I like this with a bit of really good extra virgin olive oil and a squeeze of lemon too. YUM!

  2. Gregory - That sounds pretty good! I like it a lot the way I posted above, but I'm always up for trying new flavors. Thanks for the suggestion!


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