Friday, August 27

Review: Annie's Homegrown

Tara recently discovered a new source of Porph-friendly snacks, Annie's Homegrown.  Tara initially found these at Whole Foods, but I was pleased to learn that my local Publixes carry them, too!  We've tried several of their products, so I thought I'd do a review.

According to their website, "Annie's offers delicious organic and all-natural alternatives to traditional comfort foods and snacks."  They make a variety of pasta meals, cookies, crackers, cereals, and fruit snacks; they also have a small gluten free line (of which some contain soy).  Peep the catalog for all of their products.    

(All photos courtesy of Annie's.)

The Cheddar Bunnies are Annie's version of  Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers.  There are several different varieties, including organic and white cheddar, but we only tasted the regular Cheddar bunnies.  They were very mild tasting and took some time getting used to, especially when compared to the goldfish crackers.  Thankfully, the box has a lot of crackers, so I was able to really develop a taste for them.  The crackers could use a bit more salt and maybe a little more richness (fat?).  That said, I liked them and I would buy them again.

Update: Now that I've had them a few times, I think the salt/fat level is perfect.  Clearly, my taste buds needed to get used to not having all those fillers and fake flavors.

Bunny Grahams are Annie's answer to Teddy Grahams.  I really, really liked these, but I'm also a huge fan of cinnamon graham crackers.  Tara, who is not so much a fan of graham crackers or cinnamon, thought these were pretty good for graham crackers; she actually complained when I finished the box.  The bunny grahams come in a variety of different flavors; so far I've tried cinnamon and honey.  The honey is very mild compared to the cinnamon, but I liked it.  If you are being super strict about avoiding soy, steer clear of the chocolate chip flavor which contains soy lecithin; curiously, the regular chocolate flavor does not have soy.

FYI, Costco carries a large box (36 bags) of the multi-variety, 1oz snack pack size of the bunnies - perfect for lunches or quick snacks.

The Bunny Classics Buttery Rich crackers are similar to Ritz crackers.  Naturally, they aren't as rich as Ritz, but they were pretty good.  Tara thought they tasted a little plastic-y, but I think it's just because hers were a bit stale and stored in a plastic bag (hello).  I'd get them again if I had a hankering for a cracker.  These also come in a few different flavors.  I'm itching to try the saltine variety.

Tara also bought two varieties of their boxed macaroni and cheese, but we haven't tried them yet.  FWIW, Kraft mac and cheese is technically acceptable on our restricted diet right now. Who knew?

Note: I did not receive any compensation for this review, nor did Annie's contact me to do the review.


  1. I love the Annie's products! I buy the little gummies for my daughter who is allergic to everything and doesn't get to have all the snacks the other kids do (which is actually a blessing in diguise as she can't eat all the really HORRIBLE processed least I found these all natural ones).

  2. Isn't it funny how those allergies and sensitivites can actually provide some benefits? On the one hand, it's harder to find something to eat, but on the other hand, it's easier to choose what to eat!


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