Monday, August 16

10 foods you didn't know had soy

Did you know that soy is in a lot of bread, cereal, and meat products?  Yeah, neither did we before we began our restricted, Porph-friendly dietAnd, at about 4 months in, we have finally eliminated almost all soy from our diets.  We did this by being super strict when food shopping and now everything we buy is soy-free.  (We are a little less concerned when eating out, but we figure this is more than balanced by our uber-strictness at home.)  This has been incredibly difficult because soy is in everything.  Obvious, soy-containing foods like tofu, edamame, soy sauce (Duh!), and soy-based meat products were easy to cut out.  However, there are a lot of less obvious and even surprising foods that contain soy; it is most commonly in the form of soy lecithin and soybean oil, but it can also be found as soy flour and soy protein.  

Here's a list of 10 foods you probably didn't know had soy:

1. Prepared baking mixes like cake and brownie mixes

My favorite boxed mix.

2. Crackers and cookies: most commercially available brands.

3. Breads: most commercially available brands

I love their 100% Whole Wheat.

4. Breakfast cereals, especially high-protein varieties like Kashi

I can't eat any of their stuff anyway, due to a buckwheat allergy.

5. Multi grain products like crackers, cookies, and pastas.

6. Flour tortillas

Fat free versions can be OK.

7. Frozen prepared meals

7 different mentions of soy ingredients!

8. Seasoning mixes

9. Peanut butter

10. Chocolate

Even the fancy Valrhona has soy. :(

    Of course, soy is in lots more foods than those mentioned above.  What surprising foods have you found that contain soy?

    I had originally intended on providing some alternative choices for each category, but it all came down to checking out an alternative, more natural product and/or make your own.  Thankfully, I've been noticing that there are more and more soy-free alternatives at my regular grocery store, especially since my last snacks review.  I have had the hardest time with bread products and chocolate (for which I don't think there are any soy-free versions).  As far as making your own food, I find that it is incredibly satisfying eating a meal or treat that I made myself, even more so if I've put a lot of work into making it.

    And, yes, you can make your own Oreos.


    1. tons of stuff have soy, and my husband eats soy free, so I'm always on the hunt. Whole Foods sells a chocolate sauce that has no soy in it, and they also have Enjoy Life foods chocolate chips which are Soy/dairy/the rest of the most common allergen free. they also have the most FABULOUS chocolate bars. I find it in most every other choc bar though. Another good substitute we found for soy sauce are coconut aminos. I don't know if you can have coconut, but it's similar enough that we sub it into stuff, like our kale chip dressing recipe and the dressing he makes for his salads. They make coconut vinegar too. Can't remember the brand name off hand, but if you have a WF or another good health food store you should then find it there.

    2. Stampylisa - Thanks for the comment! I had no idea about the coconut aminos. I will definitely have to check that out next time I'm at WF! What does it taste like?

      I've never heard of/seen any of the Enjoy Life Foods. I have to check those out, too, next time I'm at WF. I have a few in the area, so hopefully I'll be able to find all these items at one of the stores.

      Thanks again for all the suggestions!

    3. Mountain Dew and other citrus sodas contain soy in the form of Borominated Vegetable oil (BVO)


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