Tuesday, August 31

Reader Spotlight: Call for submissions!

When I first started this blog, we had just started our restricted diet.  At the time, I was only able to find a few pre-packaged, convenience foods that fit within our restrictions.  If I ever saw an allowable snack, which was infrequent, I picked it up immediately to taste test it.  Now, only a few months later, it seems like there are so many more allowable items and I actually have to limit what I can buy, both for my wallet and my waistline.  All the same, I'd like to continue to include reviews on the blog because this diet-revamping process can be frustrating and overwhelming; I think it's important to let y'all know about products that can make it easier for you.


Dear reader, this is where you come in.  I want to open this blog up to you because I need some help reviewing all the goodies out there.  Also, I'd love to have some recipe submissions or suggestions.  So, I've decided to start a READER SPOTLIGHT series!  You don't need a blog to participate, but if you have one, I'll link up to it.  You can either do an official write-up (preferred) or you can just send me your thoughts on a particular product or recipe and I'll do the write-up.

Here's some guidelines to keep in mind:
  • Obviously, the recipe or product has to be AIP-friendly.  By that, I mean no ingredients that are on the Foods to Avoid section of the Restricted Foods List and minimal inclusion from the other sections (although, I won't be too strict on that).  Also, while they don't need to be vegetarian or vegan, the emphasis should not be on animal protein.  In other words, nothing that is heavy on the meat, poultry, etc.  
  • For a recipe write-up, I'd appreciate a photo - no worries if it's not stellar; have you seen mine?!  Just make sure it's in focus and the lighting is pretty decent.
  • For product reviews, I'm looking for reviews of any allowable convenience foods out there.  You can purchase these items from anywhere (online, health food store, etc.), but I'd like to pay special attention to what's available at the supermarket. 
  • Include a little personal info about yourself; this doesn't need to be much.

If all this sounds good to you and you're interested, shoot us an e-mail at TheCulinaryVampire [at] gmail [dot] com.  I'll do my best to make sure that as many submissions as possible get published.  I'm looking forward to seeing what y'all come up with!

[Hat tip to (never home)maker for the inspiration.] 

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